Wheeled Power

What is Wheeled Power?

Wheeled Power is “the delivery of energy from a generator to an end-user located in another area through the use of an existing distribution or transmission network.”

It is important to note that wheeling is not the delivery of the actual electrons produced but rather an accounting transaction for the energy injected into the grid and consumed at the same time by the off taker.

Why Wheeled Power?

By coupling embedded generation (solar facilities installed at a premise) with Wheeled Power, businesses will reduce their electricity costs and increase their use of renewable energy. This increased penetration of renewable energy will assist businesses to reduce their local carbon tax burden.

For companies that export to Europe, this may also mean a reduction in their Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) import duty. Fibon Energy will in 2024 be offering wheeled power to its clients in South Africa. We will be able to offer various contract durations to accommodate your needs.

To express your interest to participate in our Wheeled Power program please email us at

Even after the current energy crisis South Africa is facing, solar power remains a reliable and sustainable solution for businesses. 

Fibon guarantees savings by implementing energy-efficient strategies, including geyser load management, solar energy, and battery energy storage.

Includes the costs of the storage solution in the monthly power tariff, while passing on the savings you would have paid the municipality.

Depending on your specific needs, our systems are tailored to provide daily backups or as-and-when required.

Based on our Power Purchase Agreement.

Zero Capex requirements.


By partnering with us, you also contribute to a cleaner and greener planet.

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