Outright Purchase

Why choose an outright purchase?

An outright purchase is a perfect solution for businesses looking to make a capital investment, and enjoy greater reductions to their operating costs from day one.

You own the asset and enjoy 100% of the saving on your electricity bill

Typical projects see paybacks between 3 to 5 years

Great for a business’s sustainability and green goals

We provide a turnkey Tier 1 solution, commissioning the construction of a Solar System on your behalf

Tax incentives exist for green energy generation, for example, S12B allows a business to claim 100% of the capex costs in year 1 for a solar asset used for the first time

We can manage the system if required. You will however be responsible for the replacement of components due to wear and tear

The system size is specified according to your site’s consumption requirements. Depending on suitable locations, we offer rooftop, carport, or ground mounting options

The Solar System has a useful life of 25 years which can continue to35 years with regular maintenance


By partnering with us, you also contribute to a cleaner and greener planet.

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